Photoshop Software Simulation

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Here is a short screencast/software demonstration created in Storyline 2, which lets the user learn the steps to creating a black and white image in photoshop before being given the chance to try it out for themselves.

(I’m starting to feel like making an image black and white in photoshop is a little bit like brewing a cup of tea – everyone has their own personal technique, and will vehemently defend their tried and tested method as the One True Way. I beg mercy from any disgruntled graphic designers – this is for demonstration purposes only!)

My Take-Aways from this Project

One niggling little thing: I forgot to tell Storyline NOT to insert a clicking sound effect for the mouse while I was making my screencast. It’s very repetative and I don’t feel it gives any benefit to the user. Well, unless they’re a fan of ASMR.

The biggest question this project has raised for me is whether the Tell Me/Show Me/Try Me model can be used in a more clever way than this. This example has open navigation, allowing the user to skip to any section at any time. That’s great, but in a closed navigation situation, I can imagine some users getting frustrated at being fed the same information three times.

In the Try Me stage, I created a hint system which gives more information each time it is consulted. I’m envisioning an expansion on that idea. What if the user began by trying, with an adapting system increasing showing/telling elements if they became stuck or unsure how to continue?


2 thoughts on “Photoshop Software Simulation

  1. Paul Phillips says:

    Hi Helen – this looks really great. One question though, how did you set up your recording and player to get such good resolution. I am new to articulate and seem to have much more blur. Appreciate your advice!


    • Helen Greetham says:

      Hi Paul!
      I wish I had an answer for you, but it isn’t a problem I’ve experienced. One thing I did with this project was to make sure that my recording was the same size as the Storyline project, so that nothing had to be resized.
      I took a look in the Articulate forums and I didn’t find a precise answer there either, but there are lots of suggested possibilities you could try!
      I hope you find a way to get recordings with a good resolution.


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