Favourite Education Technology Examples – 7/7/17

It’s been a hectic week for me. My company moved into a new office which has a grand total of TWO microwaves, and I have lots more desk real estate. As I’ve been sorting my desk tidy and working out what postcards to display, I’ve also been exploring what’s new in the world of elearning and hunting down some classics.

My Life with a Pre-Existing Condition – Nomi Cani


Terrifying political webtoon which highlights the issues in the US healthcare system through a personal story.

I found the visualisation of how many people in the US population would considered to have a “pre-existing condition,” requiring them to pay a crippling premium for health insurance, particularly impactful.

River Crossing by Maija Perfiljeva


Interactive version of the old river crossing puzzle, where you have to transport three animals (or in this case two animals and a cabbage) to the other side of a river. Leaving predator and prey together alone will result in one of the three being eaten, so you must think carefully.

I love the clean graphics and how a bit of subtle movement makes the scenes seem very animated, however my favourite thing about this course is that it doesn’t over-instruct the user. You are free to experiment and see what’s possible (Can you put more than one animal on the boat? Can you take animals back again? Etc)

Eurostar – By cursim


This environmentally friendly-elearning has a fun graphical style and lots of interesting types of interaction, including a literal carbon footprint… footprint! I appreciated that the transition between elements felt like moving within a single scene, appropriate for a trainline. It’s also nice to see elearning which adjusts to fill the user’s screen rather than being boxed in.

My one critique with cursim in general is a lack of hover states on interactive elements to let users know what can be interacted with. I feel they’re a must for mouse/cursor based learning.

How does my Memory Measure up? BBCiWonder


It’s typical of BBCiWonder’s usual fair (which is always very interesting!), but this particular example stood out to me for the variety of interactive elements. A simple colour scheme combines with interactive diagrams which are fun to explore.

Healthcare Template – Tracy Carroll

This is striking retro template with a healthcare setting. The most prominent feature are the characters, created by using a font. That’s right… a font! Tracy coloured the font characters in PowerPoint.

I was so inspired that I had a go myself. Presenting… Wingding Island!


More again soon…


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