Fun with QR Codes: Augmenting your Library

QR Codes have always excited me, a handy way to create a link between digital and analogue (“dead tree”) information sources that doesn’t require any specialist software to create. All you need is a tablet or phone with a QR code reader installed, a website you want to link to and access to one of the many free websites that will whip up a QR code for you.

The big problem is knowing where to go from there. Technically your imagination is the limit, but I think it can be tricky to come up with uses for QR codes which doesn’t feel like a superficial gimick.

Here’s an attempt. A very nerdy attempt. Here’s a copy of Beowulf, an Old English poem, featuring the ability to scan a code and hear the poem in its original language. I feel like this is a genuine addition to the experience, as reading Old English doesn’t give you the same, authentic experience that listening to it does.

(Note, the jump in the video isn’t me “cheating”, I promise! I just live in a rural area with very slow internet. I thought I’d spare you having to wait for 20 seconds while things load.)


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