Images and Visual Storytelling

Once, there were three little pigs. They decided to develop some elearning to convince their neighbour, Mr Wolf, that there are many advantages to not eating pigs.


The first little pig built his elearning with lots words and bullet points. It was certainly very comprehensive.

The second little pig decided to put some images into the elearning, to make it more visually appealing. He put in lots of images everywhere he could. Photographs, icons, cartoons, anything he could find.

Confused Wolf

The message just wasn’t getting through. It looked like pork was definitely still on the menu. Fortunately, the last little pig was more clever than the other two. He knew that images and text should work together to provide information and to demonstrate how it works in a real world situation.

Using images - four tips

the wolf understands

Thanks to quality elearning, the pigs never had to worry about being wolf food ever again.

The original version of this piece appeared over at Glad Solutions


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